About us

‘FloodFighters Conferences’ for over a decade have been organising leading edge events to discuss and set themes for issues of strategic and tactical response; particularly those surrounding emergency management matters and search and rescue (SAR) during extreme weather events. This is vital work, because threats to the lives of our citizens from drowning continue and that from e.g. flooding, is growing, together with the threats to those who respond to help resolve these events. Flooding frequency is increasing, as we have seen in the last few years, coupled with climate change predictions and urban development, suggest that the numbers of these catastrophic events will continue to deteriorate in the future.

Our conferences have been held nationally and internationally and have been attended by thousands of first responders. With many acclaimed International speakers, pre-eminent experts from the worlds of fire and rescue, EMS, SAR, academia, and Lifesaving medical from all over the EU, the UK, Australasia and the USA. Our conferences aim to share the latest vital safety critical information to stakeholder target audiences involved in SAR, emergency management, disaster response, extreme weather events and water and flood rescue.