Our Aims:

‘Floodfighters - Flood SAR Conference 2016’ will communicate the latest position to stakeholder lifesaver target audiences. To share understanding, information and learning


Following the recent floods of Cumbria and York there is much to review and plenty to talk about. Have we learned the lessons from 2007 and 2013/14 or is it still business as usual?  What should all those involved in Flood SAR be planning now to ensure we are up to date and ready?  Is the weather just a once in every 200 years event or the new normal?   How resilient are we?  Is it enough just to rebuild flood defences higher? What of the information and intelligence to forewarn, was it enough and timely? Are there new techniques resources and equipment we should be considering? What of the use of remotely piloted small aircraft systems (RPAS)? How did we in the UK perform in these floods? What of the use of assets and their success in helping or rescuing people?

We benchmarked the UK’s response in 2014 – two years on do we need to ask different questions?


Floodfighters and Professional Rescue in partnership with the SLSGB Flood Response Service is delighted to announce the ‘Floodfighters - Flood SAR Conference 2016’ that will build on our March 2014 event and will include tactical presentations and discussion forums from the front line of those in the Search and Rescue World from the UK, Europe and USA. Relevant Government Agencies will be invited to participate. The conference will be held on 23rd March 2016 in Poole, with further details to follow.